Who We Are

My soul longs, indeed even faints, For the courts of Jehovah; My heart and my flesh cry out To the living God. (Psalms 84:2)

It's all God's mercy. In the eternity past we have been predestinated by God and in time He called us for His purpose. His heart desire is to gain the church. In the church, the new man, we are being perfected and being built up together. "So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy." (Romans 9:16)

Spreading out from the church in Franklin

Since the June of 1986, many saints began to meet in Franklin NJ for the Lord's testimony. The church life was just like the life in the house in Bethany where our Lord can have His rest there. There we see the testimony of resurrection in Lazarus, serving in Martha and the loving in Mary. The wonderful church life has drawn many saints from many towns in the NJ state together for His shinning testimony.

In order for all the members of the body to properly function in the church life and for the spreading of the Lord's testimony, there were many other localities being raised up for the same testimony: Nutley, Manalapan, Piscataway, Hamilton, Edison.

New Off-site District Meeting

In 11/17/2010 the saints in the Princeton district began to have their Lord's table meeting held in Montgomery Upper-middle School for the preparation of raising up Lord's testimony in the Montgomery/Princeton area.

Saints gathered in homes to pray for Lord's move in this new area in one accord. Many saints were calling each other to enjoy the words of God together in the early morning one on one on the phone. Once a week saints were gathered in a home to Pray-read, Study, Recite and Prophesize (PSRP) the riches of the ministry messages.

Each Lord's day, many saints would come to the meeting place early to exercise our spirits and to pray for the meeting. We realize that we are all members of the Body and must function in the coordination in order for the Lord have a glorious expression in this locality.

First Lord's table meeting as the church in Montgomery on 5/20/2012

It's all because of the Lord's tender mercy and the one accord of the saints for His local testimony, on 5/20/2012 we had our first Lord's table meeting as the church in Montgomery. There were many saints from near-by localities came to witness this meeting. They came to strengthen us and to stand together with us for the Lord's testimony. It's the Lord's sovereignty places us together here. May we answer His call to stand firm for His testimony and allow the Lord work through us for the further advancement of the Lord's testimony in the towns near us.

May the Lord hear our prayers. Amen.